Mystique® Puppy Dummy (100g)


100g Puppy Dummy and available in a variety of different colours, ideal for


Mystique® Puppy Dummy (100g)

The Easy Fetch Puppy Dummy is 100g and available in a variety of different colours, including: Orange, Green, Blue, Hot Pink, Neon Green and other.

These puppy dummies are designed especially for puppies and young dogs from 7 weeks of age to introduce them to retrieving for the first time.  Puppies are very sensitive and retrieving causes them pain when developing the adult teeth (4 – 6th month), so this dummy is ideal for them just during that period. Its light weight and soft filling prevents puppies from creating an aversion to retrieving. An asymmetric shape forces the dog to fetch the dummy holding it in its middle.

The dummy is made of strong and durable canvas and thanks to its special filling it can be used both on dry land or in the water as it is able to float. For a more interesting experience for your dog it can be flavoured with animal scents.

The dummies are specially designed for the gundog training. Basic requirement for training is a so-called soft mouth, which prevents the game or the dummy damaged by too firm bite, and therefore is unusable. The dummies are not suitable for tugging.

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Blue, Green, Hot Pink, Khaki, Light Blue, Neon Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Yellow


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