Full Fur Rabbit Dummy Varieties



Full Fur Rabbit Dummy

An extensive range of full fur dummies ranging from the mighty five and a half pound (2.5Kg) “Mega Bun” hare dummy, to the diminutive 3oz (85g) directional mini rabbit dummy.

Dummies with fur are produced to advance gundog training, or as an exciting alternative to standard dummies. It enhances the dog’s interest in retrieving and hunting, because it is similar to a real game due to implementation of real fur.

Using animal scents your dog can have a much better experience training, especially if you don’t have the option of using real game.

There are many different types of dummies with fur on offer – just choose the one your dog prefers the most.

These dummies are ideal for older dogs who are uninterested in canvas dummies.

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85g, 150g, 250g, 500g, 1000g


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