German Field Trial Moxon Lead 6mm





This is by far our most popular lead!

Mystique Field trial Gundog Moxon Lead 6 mm is a gundog lead made of high quality climbing rope with a deer antler stop and a “Bird’s eye” running noose it is probably one of the most durable gundog slip leads available. May be used for training your gundog, trialling, picking up or just for excising and fitness training.

As it is almost indestructible we have added bright and varied colours to this range so if the lead is dropped it can be retrieved easily.

Although these are all made by Mystique; the pink and brown coloured leads are more of an open weave and are softer in the hand.

Be aware of cheaper and lower quality copies this is the Original German Field Trial lead

Additional information


130cm, 150cm


Beige, Beige/Blue, Black, Black/Orange, Black/Red, Blue, Blue/Beige, Brown, Khaki, Khaki/Orange, Lilac/Purple, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Orange, Orange/Red, Pink/Purple, Red, Turquoise, Turquoise/Orange


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