Retriev-R-Trainer Handheld Dummy Launcher



Retriev-R-Trainer Handheld Dummy Launcher (Available from for despatch mid-July)

The RRT Launcher is the most modern style launcher on the market. It is hand held but there is an attachable stock if you would prefer to fire it from your shoulder. Or you could opt for the Lucky Launcher which has the same launcher, but with a built in stock and trigger mechanism. Dummy launches create a realistic atmosphere when training your Gundog out of shooting season.

The Dummy Launcher is easy to open and has an excellent extraction mechanism for the blanks, making changing the dummy launcher blanks an easy task.

The Retriev-R-Trainer RRT Dummy Launchers as been designed to fit most brands of Launcher dummy including the Dokken Teal Launcher Dummy. Dummy launchers area  popular gundog training tool as it simulates the bang of a shotgun and the falling of shot game bird.

If you buy this launcher with a dummy there will be a significant discount.

The new style RRT is the newest generation of handheld launchers and it is the most modern of gundog equipment.  It is one of the most essential pieces of equipment for any gundog trainer.  It comes with either a canvas dummy, PVC dummy or on its own.  Please specify on your order any colours you would like/dislike and with/without a streamer.

(Please note image with red PVC dummy is the correct way of holding the launcher)

N.B. all launchers are proofed prior to sale. ALL dummy launchers should display a proofing stamp on the base. There are many sold on the market that are sold without ‘proofing’.

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Launcher Only, Launcher with Canvas Dummy, Launcher with PVC Dummy


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