DT Super Pro Low Recoil Dummy Launcher



DT Low Recoil Dummy Launcher

DT Systems Super Pro Dummy Launcher.

Due to its initiative design this Dummy Launcher offers a reduced recoil effect to all its users and is a dummy launcher that is particularly attractive to the lady trainer.The gundog dummy launcher is of a cast iron construction and has dual exhaust holes for a more even blast and has a shock absorbing foam collar at the top of the handle. It is recommended to use yellow or green .22 blanks.

The main  features of the dummy launcher include: a superb blank extractor; cast iron construction and is easily maintained

The DT Dummy Launcher is supplied with spare ‘O’ rings and a pair of earplugs – .

Weight (with dummy): 1150g  /  2.5lbs


British Proofed by the Birmingham proof house.


This dummy launcher  can be fitted into the Super Pro frame and therefore be turned into a Super Pro remote launcher.


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Launcher With White Dummy, Launcher With Orange Dummy


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