Canvas Dummy Ball



The Canvas Dummy Ball

The dummy ball is one of our more popular products this year. Its size and weight (150g) allows it to be carried easily in your pocket and its bright colours means that it is difficult to lose. It also floats due to the filling making it unsinkable.

The ball is made of a tough canvas with a throwing rope and toggle which allows it to be thrown very far without too much effort, the toggle on the end is easy grip to make throwing it, that much easier.

This ball is available in single colours: Green, Khaki, Orange, Pink, Purple, Yellow and Blue and also available in double colours: Green/Orange, Blue/Orange, Black/Orange, Blue/Yellow, and Pink/Black.

Developed by Mystique Gundog equipment manufacturers and sold by Fortiscorde Dogs.

There are copies of this product but check out the originals quality.

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Black, Black/Light Blue, Blue, Blue/Orange, Camo, Green, Green/Orange, Hot Pink, Hot Pink/Black, Khaki, Light Blue, Light Blue/Blue, Neon Green, Neon Green/Black, Orange, Orange/Black, Pink, Pink/Black, Purple, Yellow, Yellow/Black, Yellow/Blue


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